God is a speaking God and one of the wonderful ways he speaks to us is through pictures and visions. Join Jerry the Giraffe, Zoe the Zebra, Gazza the Gorilla and Elfie the Elephant as they go on an exciting journey in hearing God speak about their future and see them share God’s plans with their friends, family members and teachers.

Message to Parents
This book is designed to awaken children to hear God’s voice through pictures and visions. Encourage your child to read one chapter a week, or read a chapter with your child each week. Sit in the presence of God and pray together. Ask God for a picture or vision, both you and your child. Ask God what it means and share with each other.
Pray and declare your vision.

Message to Leaders
1. Encourage the children to read one chapter during the week prior to session
2. Show the teaching video
3. Refer to the curriculum as a guide for your teaching
4. In small groups, use the discussion questions to learn how to hear God’s voice
5. Practice an activation each week
6. Encourage children to share their testimonies