To be picture perfect on the outside can cause people to think you have it all together on the inside. Which is exactly the case for Hope Meyer.

Stuck in a dead-end job with no vision for her future, parents arguing at home and newly-single under terms she bitterly objects to, Hope puts on a brave front in the face of friends. Only, she’s not as subtle as she thinks. Called out on her pretense by a close friend and, drawn into a mission project that causes her to question everything she’s been led to believe, Hope finds herself floundering.

Until recently, the perfect hair, manicured nails, a wardrobe straight out of a fashion magazine and a handsome suitor by her side had defined her. Now seeing those things as insignificant, and understanding why her boyfriend left, Hope turns to her youth minister for help; with one burning question in mind:

Who was she?

Set on a path of self-discovery, Hope finds her day to day both unraveling and piecing together like a jigsaw as her perception begins to alter.

Will she embrace how God defines her and ultimately learn what true happiness is?