By Sue Taylor-Reeves

Time stood still in The Garden. Lowey and Savannah were once again reunited and would live in the peace that they had once known and loved. The Spirit in the Garden danced around them continually, placing His word into their hearts and minds, and The Great Gardener was no longer hidden behind the impenetrable wall.

When Lowey returned to The Way of The Covenant, The Great Gardener had named him his Chosen One. Lowey had been His first created being that creeps on the earth and was now privileged to greet and accompany all who came to The Garden by The Way of the Covenant, a position that Lowey had been created to hold and took very seriously.

Continue the Journey with Lowey, Savannah, Avery, Constance and new arrivals as each one gives an account of their lives back in The Clearing and beyond.

Book One: Return to the Garden