Thirteen-year-old Litha Johnson can’t convince her father or the authorities that the car crash that killed her mother was no accident. ‘You weren’t there. You didn’t see the Hummer that pushed us into the gully. You didn’t hear Torchman say they had the wrong car.’

Already angry with God for letting her mother die, her grief and anger grow when her father and twin brother mysteriously vanish two months later, and Litha is more convinced than ever that she hadn’t imagined the Hummer. But are her mother’s death and the kidnappings connected, or merely coincidental?

Litha doesn’t think so and must follow the clues to the other side of the country to find the killer and rescue her father and brother.

In a catch-me-if-you-can game with the police detective sent to bring her back, Litha struggles with her faith. How could God allow these things to happen? Isn’t He supposed to be a God of love? Lurking in her mind is the fear that she will never see her father and brother again.