MAGI –  Redemption

It has been years since the last Corriian invasion. Everything seems stable and happy, but it is not as it seems.

Bentonius, the spy who defected has returned to his old masters and convinced them with a plan to get ultimate revenge against all the leaders and heroes of past wars.

While the deadly plot takes shape, the world is ravaged by a plague that is spreading through all the nations.

Norri with the help of the local apothecary finds a cure, a tea made from a small shrub that grows on the verge of the forest. He wishes to help the people of Bernadia who they hear are suffering terribly, but much has changed in the world in a generation. 

Also perplexing, is a strange prophecy, and a call Norri receives from a heavenly messenger, a Mari, that draws him and his Driadora friend, Lefgild into another long journey, seeking the meaning of the words on a bark-paper scroll.

They journey to an unexpected destination, to be witnesses of an event that will change them all in many ways.

About the author
David H. Webb lives in Sydney with his wife and their children. Originally he studied at the University of Sydney and Moore College. Later studies in counselling have been helpful in understanding people and
developing complex characters. He set out to write books that he would have read when he was in his teens – a fan of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. His stories are fast moving, with growing sense of dread, with the characters having to make desperate choices. The author hopes that any young person will find the books exciting and hard to put down, but they will also reward anyone for a second reading and deeper thought.