The community of The Clearing had once been a place filled with joy and hope, the folk from The Garden had established themselves after the Exodus from their idyllic world, leaving behind a home of tranquillity and peace.

The Clearing had stood tall and proud for hundreds of years, with folk coming and going, dreams were dreamed, hope had filled each and every one of the inhabitants. Soon the land was filled with many descendants, near and far, and their number grew continued to grow.

Lowey’s family and friends were long gone, living their best lives in The New Garden, just beyond The Way of the Covenant, and The Great Gardener once again walked with His creations and perfect peace flowed throughout the land.

Today the Clearing has long been deserted, overgrown and forgotten, the high wall that surrounded the old garden now abandoned, The Night of Tales a myth, and the teachings of Wise Old Lowey all but forgotten.

The world had become a dark place, trust had been replaced with mistrust, truth with lies and deception, creatures fought each other for whatever they desired, many hid in fear, and very few sought the council of The Great Gardener and The Spirit in the Garden.

Most who hid in the shadows stayed in pairs, keeping to themselves and hoping against all hope that things would change in their bleak world. No more babies were born to these creatures, it was not a world suitable for little ones, and with the lack of offspring came a spirit of foreboding. Perhaps their world was coming to an end, they knew not what would come of them.