I am the biggest animal that has ever lived.
But, how many people can see me?
I’m bigger than the largest known dinosaur.
That’s huge! But, do you see me?

Come with me and I’ll show you how I live
in the deep blue sea.
I am Briana, a blue whale.
This is my tale.

Zoologists classify me as a cetacean.
This means that I am a marine mammal living in an ocean.
My dolphin and porpoise relatives are also cetaceans
living in oceans.

You are a homo-sapien. You are also a mammal.
We have something in common!
Aussies love swimming in surrounding oceans.
Another similarity that we happily share.

I am as big as a jet airliner and weigh as much
as 200 tonnes. WOW!
There is plenty of space in the ocean where I can call home.
Just as well!
My huge body moves in constant motion.
Many baleen plates in my mouth
constantly filter krill from salt water.

Come with us on an ocean adventure in The Tale of Briana Blue Whale.