Do you ever find yourself at a loss when it comes to family devotions? Where to start? What to do? Then together devotions is for you!! If you want faith to be an integral part of your family, this book will create real life conversations with practical applications all based on God’s word, the Bible. […]

I Could Be Anything

You can be anything! God has big plans for you. Plans that might include driving a fire truck, climbing up trees, or even flying through space. Whatever dream God has placed in your heart, go out and do it. You can be anything God calls you to be.

Jonathan’s Amazing Sacrifice

Jonathan saved hard to take his family to Dreamworld. Then a dramatic event at school changed everything. What if God wanted him to prove his faith was real? Jonathan had a hard decision to make. His surprising choice leads to unexpected outcomes. Find out more in Jonathan’s Amazing Sacrifice. Other titles by this author: David, […]

Why Am I Special?

By C Sheeran A charming book that poses the question of our purpose in life in a childlike inquisitive manner. What makes us different from the world around us? Why are human beings so special? Introduces children to the beautiful hierarchy thatGod created in the world when He created minerals, plants, animals, rational human beings […]