Big Fish and Deep Forgiveness

Big Fish and Deep Forgiveness is an exciting faith-based adventure story for teenagers. At the age of 15, Nathan a Filipino boy, is struggling in his relationship with both his step-dad and his Heavenly Father. After a crazy incident with a big fish he managed to catch, Nathan is forced to run away from home. […]

Fleeing the War in Ukraine

Sveta and her family have lived happily all their life in a quiet Ukrainuan village. However after the neighbour’s block of flats is bombed by a Russian missile, and Sveta makes a gruesome disvovery, her tiny safe world gets turned upside down. Her father immediately decides that the time has come for Sveta, her mother […]

Daring to be Different in Bolivia

Ana was extremely frustrated by her restricted lifestyle in rural Bolivia. She often resented being a girl because she had to mind the family’s animals, instead of frequently going to school like her brothers. She also hated all the meaningless religious duties she had to fulfill weekly. When her family moved to the city because […]