Born with shape-shifting animal superpowers, Avalon isn’t your average girl. When an incident occurs involving Avalon and her best friend Sasha, they know that Travel City has grown to be a place crawling with villains. They know that something has to change, so they take matters into their own hands. But, when Avalon’s parents suddenly […]


To be picture perfect on the outside can cause people to think you have it all together on the inside. Which is exactly the case for Hope Meyer. Stuck in a dead-end job with no vision for her future, parents arguing at home and newly-single under terms she bitterly objects to, Hope puts on a […]


It is early summer in the beachside town of The Valley. Lexi Slaydon flips her long auburn hair in an attempted display of confidence before she steps into her local church for the weekly Friday night social. No matter how many times she attended youth nights, the butterflies always took flight within her stomach in […]

Storm Riders

Teenagers Nate and Ollie start on an adventure sailing their Dad’s boat in the beautiful coastal town of Jervis Bay, Australia. Encountering a ferocious storm, they get more than they bargained for and are catapulted one hundred years into the future. They have encounters with people, robots and androids and must work out who is […]