Elizabeth the Good Faerie Queen – A Unicorn Tale

What was the meaning of the mysterious rainbows that strangely appeared to mark the final farewell of Elizabeth the Good Faerie Queen? The secret key to this mystery lies hidden within these pages, in this colourful fairy tale story which was inspired by the exceptional character, faith and enduring love of horses of Her Majesty, […]

The Fruits of the Spirit

The Fruits of the Spirit Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Kindness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-Control. Help encourage and nurture your child’s walk with Jesus, as they learn about these foundational attributes of the Christian character. May the Fruits of the Holy Spirit grow and flourish in their hearts, as they read and apply these lessons to […]

The Golden Tentacle

Ned represents all of us before we accept Jesus into our life as our Lord and Saviour. Perhaps we can all relate to Ned’s feelings of dissatisfaction, emptiness and meaninglessness at some point in our lives. This is where Ned is at the beginning of the book – in his ‘before Christ’ life. In his […]

Patsy’s Birthday Surprise

Patsy read many horse books, which made her want a horse for herself. However, she knew her parents couldn’t afford one. She had loved the Lord since childhood and He was not about to let her down. Patsy was given a beautiful horse as a surprise birthday present, but she made a bad choice to […]


Do you ever find yourself at a loss when it comes to family devotions? Where to start? What to do? Then together devotions is for you!! If you want faith to be an integral part of your family, this book will create real life conversations with practical applications all based on God’s word, the Bible. […]

Mate Who Skates

Learning to skate isn’t always easy. A boy wants to skate but he doesn’t know how. Luckily he has a mate who skates. Follow this tale of tricky tricks and spills.


Scoop is a Little Penguin who was born in Summerlands, Cowes, in the Southern Victorian region of Australia. He is adventurous and sometimes a little naughty. Born on land, he has to learn to swim and fish, as well as how to look after himself. He has some cute friends and together they have a […]

I Could Be Anything

You can be anything! God has big plans for you. Plans that might include driving a fire truck, climbing up trees, or even flying through space. Whatever dream God has placed in your heart, go out and do it. You can be anything God calls you to be.

Jonathan’s Amazing Sacrifice

Jonathan saved hard to take his family to Dreamworld. Then a dramatic event at school changed everything. What if God wanted him to prove his faith was real? Jonathan had a hard decision to make. His surprising choice leads to unexpected outcomes. Find out more in Jonathan’s Amazing Sacrifice. Other titles by this author: David, […]

The Unsolved Mystery Of The Animal Safe-house

The Unsolved Mystery Of The Animal Safe-House follows on from Will Chenery’s popular book one, The Mystery Of The Animal Safe-House. The end to the tale of six mistreated animal friends who are shocked to discover their owner’s plan to be rid of them will be revealed. Realizing some of them would not survive being […]

The Wide Road

Finding himself on a wide and lonely road leading him to Darkness, one young man makes the brave choice to go another way. It’s a narrow road but with the help of two companions they lead him to a Shepherd who ensures he makes his journey safely back from Darkness to Hopeful Heights.

The Mystery Of The Animal Safe-house

The Mystery Of The Animal Safe-House tells the tale of six mistreated animal friends who are shocked to discover their owner’s plan to be rid of them. Realizing some of them would not survive being sent to an animal shelter, one of the group, a scruffy little dog named Bradley, decides to take his friends […]

God’s Beautiful World

A color rhyming book about God’s beautiful creation. This book is aimed at young children, illuminating the beauty apparent in typical day-to-day experiences. God’s Beautiful World is a great tool to teach young children about color and start conversations about the wonder of God’s creation. About the authorAllison Basha is a new writer who is […]

The Way of the Covenant

By Sue Taylor-Reeves Time stood still in The Garden. Lowey and Savannah were once again reunited and would live in the peace that they had once known and loved. The Spirit in the Garden danced around them continually, placing His word into their hearts and minds, and The Great Gardener was no longer hidden behind […]

God Is Sad: Earth Is Crying

This story begins many millenniums ago, when life was beautifully formed. An ideal supernatural creation occurred. Today, we share this wonder. Everything is perfectly connected in the delicate balance of life. Calm and harmony keeps this connection alive. Over six days, God created the universe and life on planet earth. On the sixth day of […]

What Is God?

A beautifully illustrated book that introduces in simple language the most important concepts that children must grasp on life’s journey. God is loveHe is all around usHe dwells inside us Age- suitable for very young children to school age children.

Why Am I Special?

By C Sheeran A charming book that poses the question of our purpose in life in a childlike inquisitive manner. What makes us different from the world around us? Why are human beings so special? Introduces children to the beautiful hierarchy thatGod created in the world when He created minerals, plants, animals, rational human beings […]

Return to the Garden

By Susan Taylor-Reeves We all know the Creation story in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, where Adam and Eve are tempted by the serpent, but have you ever stopped to think about the rest of creation? The animals who also shared this glorious place. How did the fall of man affect them? Where […]

David, The Winner No Matter What

For David, winning is everything! He’s trained, he’s ready. Now is his chance to show his rival he’s the best. No amount of ugly talk or unkindness can put David off – or can it? Despite his nervousness, David is determined to give this final race his best shot – no matter what! Then the […]