Fourteen-year-old Romesus lives in a world ruled by a shadow authority who have closed all churches and banned Christianity. Society lives in darkness with no hope for the future.

Romesus lives in a poor village where Giovan, a wise and weathered man tells him stories of a world that existed before a mysterious blackout wiped all memory of God and His creation.

When Giovan suddenly disappears, Romesus finds himself guided by a divine force to search for six powerful books that can restore peace and light to the world.

The evil authority does everything possible to stop Romesus and a group of legends from coming together and reaching the ancient City of Gath to unite the six books.

The brave group must defend themselves against mysterious creatures and dark forces as they battle their way across forests, swamps and underground worlds.

In the City of Gath, they join an Immortal Army of warriors in one final battle to save humanity, and themselves.