Illustrated by: Bec Conlon

Have you ever wondered how big God is?
What sized ruler we’d need to measure Him?
Have you ever tried to work out if you can play hide and seek with God?
Or if He’d fit in your car?
As Zoe talks with her mum, she asks many of these questions.
She wonders all about God’s size and what that means for her world.
Come and join in the conversation as Zoe and her mum think about how big God is.
About the author:
Katie Smith trained as a Primary Teacher and later went on to study at  Moore Theological College to prepare her for a life of ministry. Katie  currently works as the Women’s Minister for her church and has a passion for helping people learn about our great God, all things Royal family related, being creative, reading and drinking coffee/tea with a friend. Katie is married to Cameron and they have 2 wonderful kids together.