Sveta and her family have lived happily all their life in a quiet Ukrainuan village. However after the neighbour’s block of flats is bombed by a Russian missile, and Sveta makes a gruesome disvovery, her tiny safe world gets turned upside down. Her father immediately decides that the time has come for Sveta, her mother and snall brother to leave and travel by train, to a safer nearby country until the war is over. The story follows Sveta’s adventures, both literal and spiritual on the journey, to eventually cross the border into Poland and start a new life.

About the author
Julia Love graduated from Macquarie University in New South Wales, Australia, and started her career as a high school teacher. Her faith in the Lord began after she was miraculously healed of a debilitating muscle disease in 1977. At the Lord’s calling to missions, she uprooted herself from her job, family, friends and began the life of a missionary. Over a span of more than thirty years, she lived and served in Bolivia, Mozambique, and the Ukraine, and eventually other fascinating nations like Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Spain and the Philippines.