What was the meaning of the mysterious rainbows that strangely appeared to mark the final farewell of Elizabeth the Good Faerie Queen?

The secret key to this mystery lies hidden within these pages, in this colourful fairy tale story which was inspired by the exceptional character, faith and enduring love of horses of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll.

When the Dark Dragon attacks the Good King’s Faerie Kingdom, he sends a very, special faerie princess  into the world, in order to defeat the dark forces of evil. In an attempt to save her beloved faerie folk from the Dark Dragon’s treacherous plans, Princess Elizabeth is willing to help and serve her people, whatever the price she will pay.

She agrees to race the Dragon on her trusty unicorn Burmese, in a thrilling cross country race to save the Faerie Kingdom from his evil wiles. In this cataclysmic match race between Unicorn and Dragon who will win the Golden Cup and who will be banished from Faerie Land forever?

This story will thrill and enchant younger readers, adults and horse lovers alike as they follow along with the many exciting adventures of Elizabeth the Good Faerie Queen!

About the author
Sally Smith is a social worker and has loved working with children and young people for over twenty years. She grew up around horses with her father, who trained Standardbred harness racing horses as a hobby. She lives on a small farm in Australia. She enjoys spending time with family. She continues to ride horses and owns three former racehorses as well as three pet golden retriever dogs.

Sally was very inspired by the life of our late great monarch, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll. Her exceptional character and leadership, selfless dedication to service and deep abiding faith, were a shining example to all the peoples of the world.

She also admired the Queen’s kindness and devotion to her pets especially her Corgi dogs and horses. This lifelong love of horses saw the Queen continuing to ride horses well into her nineties, when most people would have long ago retired. She was also a very successful owner and breeder of Thoroughbred racehorses.

 Sally was inspired to write this fictional, fairy tale story upon the death of the Queen, with the main fairy character exhibiting some of Queen Elizabeth’s admirable qualities.

Sally also noted the media reports of the rainbows, that oddly appeared over Queen Elizabeth’s Royal residences on that fateful day of her passing, and she wondered about their significance.

 As a result of these factors, the fairy tale story, “Elizabeth the Good Faerie Queen. A Unicorn Tale,” was birthed.