Elfie the Elephant comes from a poor dysfunctional home in the suburbs. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mum and step-dad. Every night his mum and step-dad fight, and Elfie plugs his ears with his ear phones and iPhone and listens to his favourite rock music.

Life seems hopeless until Elfie meets Gazza the Gorilla. Gazza is the popular kids at school and invites Elfie to Kids Church. Reluctant at first, Elfie eventually goes to Kids Church and has a radical encounter with Jesus. From that moment on Elfie’s life is changed forever.

A burden develops in Elfie’s heart to see his parents meet Jesus, and he starts praying for them every night. Nothing seems to change until one night Elfie is by his bed praying and when he finishes his prayer he senses a shift in the atmosphere. It is a defining moment between him and God and proves to be a defining moment for Elfie’s parents as well.

This is a story of hope, personal transformation and family healing that will be an encouragement for any child who wonders why their life hasn’t turned out the way they had always hoped.