Mariska and the Incredible Island

ISBN: 9780648441038
Price: $19.99

Mariska lives on an island with her father and six sisters. She wants to become a circus girl. 

Even though she know this seems impossible, she stubbornly holds on to her dream... 

One day, life on the island changes in the most incredible way as it seems to merge one ridiculous adventure into another... This leaves Mariska with the most unexpected, exotic, and dangerous characters and situations to sort out... 

Realizing what is happening, she wonders if fate is against her... or, perhaps, for her?

Another compulsive page turner from the hand of Josephine Van Den Berg, which will take you on an amazing, hilarious, exciting rollercoaster reading ride... 

Meet the Author

Josephine Van den Berg

Josephine Van Den Berg is from the Netherlands and emigrated with her husband and three young children to New Zealand in 1990. She has been working with children for over 28 years and loves story telling. 

While weaving facts with fantasy, she always tries to convey the thoughts, understandings and responses of children, into the tale - which often come as a surprise. Usually her stories address various social and cultural issues today’s youth has to deal with - in a positive and engaging way. 

All her stories have plots that unfold in an unconventional and surprising way.


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