Invitation to a feast

ISBN: 9780980345865
Price: $14.99

The young rabbit, Jumpster has received his first ever invitation to the annual feast of the Noble Ranger, the caretaker of Woodland Forest. He soon discovers, however, that it will take more than just turning up in order to be gained entry. His invite is actually a test, which he must pass before being permitted to enjoy the delights of the day.

If you really want to be at my feast, keep the following commands as you travel to my home:

  • Stay on the Cobblestone Road.
  • Make straight paths for your feet.
  • Hold on to this invitation at all times.
Will Jumpster succeed or will the followers of the Noble Ranger's treacherous foe, the Dark Panther, effectively prevent Jumpster from reaching his destination?

Unlike regular books, Invitation to a Feast is part story and part game. This means that the success of Jumpster depends on YOU. Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all that you require to follow the progress of the main character in this adventure. All the decisions that need to be made throughout the story are in YOUR hands.

Are you up to the challenge?

Meet the Author

JP Barnett

J P Barnett is a published gamebook author. His first gamebook, "Invitation to a Feast," was published in late 2007. His second gamebook, "The Wounded Falcon," was published in March 2011.

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