Josephine Van den Berg

Josephine Van Den Berg is from the Netherlands and emigrated with her husband and three young children to New Zealand in 1990. She has been working with children for over 28 years and loves story telling. 

While weaving facts with fantasy, she always tries to convey the thoughts, understandings and responses of children, into the tale - which often come as a surprise. Usually her stories address various social and cultural issues today’s youth has to deal with - in a positive and engaging way. 

All her stories have plots that unfold in an unconventional and surprising way.


Gary Ahern

Gary Ahern is a children’s book author based in Beaudesert, a country town situated in Queensland, Australia. A retired English/History teacher, Gary is now working in prison ministry as a chaplain.

Having six grandchildren who all enjoy reading about hidden treasure, Gary has put together an amazing story which blends Christian principles with the adventure of a lifetime.
Suitable for all ages from 7 to 70, the tale was written for all those who love a book filled with action, danger and excitement.

Jill Brookes

Jill Brookes is a Wellington-based children's author.

Trish Harrop

Trish Harrop, renowned author of He is Faithful from A-Z is no stranger to suffering.  Her greatest loss was that of her little girl, Anna Grace, who was stillborn. The excitement in the hearts of her other four children soon turned to confusion and inconsolable grief following the death of their little baby sister. The youngest of the four, just a toddler, brought comfort to the family with his very real understanding of an undeniable truth – May this beautiful story of hope, inspired by the child-like faith of Anna’s young brother and illustrated with love by her big sister bring comfort to all the little ones (and their families too) who are grieving the loss of their loved one.
Trish, born in Fremantle, resides in in the beautiful Swan Valley of Western Australia

Pauline Marshall

Pauline Marshall, a retired teacher and counsellor, lives in Christchurch, New Zealand. She was inspired by a documentary of the dromedary’s comical style of eating to write about the adventures of the bumbling Hannibal and his friends. This is the first of a series. Keep a look out for the sequels and also for her non-fiction book The Fascinating Dromedary.

Liz Askin

Liz Askin is Wellington painter and illustrator. She is a portrait and landscape painter working in both oils and watercolour. For a number of years she worked as a Contract Illustrator at the then Correspondence School in Wellington. Illustrating has always been of great interest and the Grandmas book has rekindled the desire for illustration. This book is suited to two to ninety two year olds!

Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson is a Graphic Designer who runs a small Design Studio in the Rangitikei. He has a beautiful wife and 3 amazing boys who always support him in everything he does. This is Mark's second Children's book and he loves the whole process - from creating and writing the book, to illustrating the characters and the environment they live in. Mark likes all his stories to have a positive message with a bit of humor and lots of colour!

Natalie Stone

Natalie Stone is a children's author based in Tasmania, Australia.


Prue Strickland is a melbourne based children's author. Her heart is seeing children grow in God.

JP Barnett

J P Barnett is a published gamebook author. His first gamebook, "Invitation to a Feast," was published in late 2007. His second gamebook, "The Wounded Falcon," was published in March 2011.

Lynn Goldsmith

Lynn Goldsmith is a journalist and editor based in Sydney, Australia. She works across a number of publications, and Angel Warriors is her first foray into children's fiction.